Swimming in the Aare River Has Become a Tradition for Swiss People

The Aare River in the city of Bern, Switzerland is often used as a local swimming area. This 288 km long river is even considered a swimming pool.

The Aare River is one of the most famous rivers in Switzerland. The Aare River is the location of various water tourism activities for local residents. Activities such as swimming, rafting, and surfing can be done there.

In fact, swimming in Aare is a Swiss tradition that is included in UNESCO. Swimming is one of the authentic activities that Bern has to offer, both for its residents and visitors. Summer is at its peak on the Aare River. Many people take advantage of the sunny weather and warm temperatures to play in the river which is located in the middle of the city. Usually they will swim while exploring the scenery of Bern.

On the site it is even mentioned that the people of Bern and the River Aare had a very special love affair. No need to be surprised if crossing the Aare River you will find many people in bikinis or shorts swimming or sunbathing. This indicates that activities on the Aare River have become a part of the daily life of Bernians.

However, swimming in the Aare River is only for skilled swimmers. The site also insists that swimmers should allow their bodies to acclimate to the slightly cold water temperatures.


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To enter the river, swimmers can jump from a number of exit and entry points marked with red poles. They can also use the stairs that are there but have to be careful.

Aare River for Water Lovers
Who needs the sea? On hot summer days, Bernese will find an excuse to jump into Aare and float there, taking in the majestic views of the city from the UNESCO-listed Old Town high above them.

In fact, swimming in Aare is an official activity on UNESCO's list of Swiss traditions. This is part of the authentic Bern experience, even for city visitors.

Aare River for Bon Vivants
Go with the flow of the water with a leisurely stroll along the Aare, and breathe in the city's atmosphere – this is a real insider tip for those wanting to get to know Bern.

You'll meet a number of Bernese people who love to take time out for a walk along the river, and you can see a number of people swimming in Aare. With each step, you'll gain a better understanding of why the townspeople claim the Aare as "their" river. You will surely fall in love with Aare from the moment you see him.