Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches and has a lot of attractions that can amaze you. If the holiday season has arrived and you are confused about where to go, then you should just visit this Pandawa Beach. Later, you can enjoy the amazing stretch of beach sand, plus the waves that are not too big will provide a different atmosphere that you can't find anywhere else.

You may wonder why this beach has the name Pandavas, of course there is an interesting story behind it. It is undeniable that there is an interesting story hiding behind the existence of this beach.

This beach actually didn't have the name Pandawa at first, but was called Melasti Beach. Its existence is completely isolated and very far from the reach of people's lives. If there are residents who want to visit this beach, then he must struggle up the cliff and also down the valley to get to it. Even though the beauty of this beach is really very enchanting, but it would be a shame if no one visited it.

Therefore, residents' initiatives emerged to build villages in the area. They all work together to create a livable village. Every day they broke the limestone cliffs patiently and carefully, until finally after several years the cliffs blocking the road to the beach could be split open and access to the beach was also easier. From the history of Pandawa Beach, the name of the beach which was originally Melasti was changed to Pandawa. In fact, the thing that inspired them to carry out this struggle came from the story of the five Pandavas. In fact, when the inauguration of this beach took place, a quite magnificent performance was held with the title Pandawa Beach Festival.

Pandawa Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

Just like other tourist attractions, to be able to enjoy all the views presented by this beach, you have to pay an entrance fee in advance. In addition to the entrance ticket, if you bring your vehicle, you will also be charged a parking fee. This is so that the vehicle can be free and safe even if it is left behind while enjoying the beach view. Here are details about the entrance ticket price for Pandawa Beach that you should know.

Domestic Society Rp 8.000
Foreign Tourist Rp 15.000
Motorcycle Parking Rp 2.000
Car park Rp 5.000

The entrance ticket to Pandawa Beach above is cheap compared to the price of admission to other beaches in Bali. The Pandawa Beach parking lot provided is also very spacious, and of course safe for your vehicle.


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Moreover, the wealth stored in this beach is very large, so you will never be disappointed. The location of Pandawa Beach is on the edge of Kukuh Village, Kab. Badung, Bali Province. It cannot be denied that Bali is indeed famous for its province which has many beautiful and very charming beaches. However, each beach certainly has its own beauty, and all of them are also worth visiting. Actually, the location of this beach is quite hidden compared to other beaches in Bali. You have to pass through two very large cliffs to reach this beach. Because of its location flanked by large cliffs, many tourists refer to this beach as The Secret Beach, a hidden secret beach.

Pandawa Beach Route

Although this beach is flanked by two fairly large cliffs, the route to get to this beach is quite easy. This is because this beach has been visited by many tourists and has even become one of the most popular ones. Therefore, the government always tries to provide the best access to get to this beach easily. Here are some Pandawa Beach routes that you can take.

From Ngurah Rai Airport

If you start from Ngurah Rai airport, then turn right and follow the road that crosses until you find Pizza Hut Jimbaran, then just turn right onto Jalan Raya Unud Campus (Udayana University). You just have to follow the route straight up to Jalan Goa Gong. If you have met a T-junction, then just turn left onto Jalan Dharmawangsa and keep going down until you see a roundabout. Later, you just stay straight and the beach will be located on the left.

From City Center

If you are in the city center, then just use the Bali Madura toll road until you arrive at the closest route to Pandawa Beach. After that, you can use public transportation or a taxi and say if the destination is the beach. When you arrive at this beach, there are many things that can be enjoyed, not only its beauty, but also other interesting things.

When compared to Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, and also Dreamland Beach which has a lot of foreign tourists and is often used as a sunbathing area, Pandawa Beach has a more calm and soothing atmosphere. Visitors are also allowed to swim and enjoy the beauty of the biota in the sea. In fact, the tour manager also provides special rentals for tourists who want to dive or snorkel. In order to support the comfort of the tourists, the beach manager has provided certain facilities. Pandawa Beach facilities that have been provided are clean bathrooms, a large parking area, to restaurants.

Attractions in Pandawa Beach

There are so many attractions on Pandawa Beach that can be explored, because this beach has extraordinary wealth.

Here are some attractions that you can enjoy while on this beach.

1. Take a Photo with the Five Pandavas

One of the attractions that are most in demand by tourists when visiting the beach in Badung is being able to take pictures with the statue of the Pandawa knight. As is well known if the history of this beach is closely related to the story of the Pandavas, then placing the statue in the beach area is the right choice.

2. Recreational Watersport

The most ideal waterspot recreation in this place is canoeing and snorkelling. You can enjoy the beauty of the biota in this beach, and even have the opportunity to take pictures. No need to worry about the equipment because the tour manager has provided it.

3. Restaurant

When you are tired of enjoying the beauty of this beach, then take it easy, because there are lots of restaurants that can solve your hunger problem. In addition to selling typical beach food, the restaurant also sells many unique and cheap beach souvenirs.

4. Interesting Photo Spots

Of course, it's no secret that there are lots of places on this beach that you can use as photo spots. Especially when dusk arrives and the color of the beach water becomes golden brown, that is the most appropriate moment to take beach photos because later the beach images will look very beautiful. You can also take a selfie with a sunset background.

Travel tips on Pandawa Beach that you need to know is that you should use beach clothes that have soft materials and also absorb sweat. Even though the weather is not quite hot, you will still be comfortable enjoying the beauty of Pandawa Beach by wearing clothes that absorb sweat.

In addition, you should not forget to bring a change of clothes and other supporting equipment if you will need while at the beach.