What is Borobudur Temple? Check out General Information about this Temple

Who doesn't know what Borobudur Temple is? Yes, of course, most Indonesian people already know about this grandest temple in Indonesia. Borobudur Temple is known to domestic and foreign tourists because it has a charm that is quite unique and interesting to see, such as there are reliefs on the walls, unique building architects and many other interesting things in this temple.

The History of the Founding of the Borobudur Temple

According to legend, this temple was built in the 8th century or around the year 750 AD during the Syailendra dynasty. This temple is located on a green hill whose building consists of millions of stone blocks. The building in this temple itself is made of 3 structures that symbolize the level of the universe according to Buddhist beliefs. 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues also add to the beauty of this temple.

The Borobudur Temple itself was once buried by volcanic ash due to the devastating eruption that occurred at Mount Merapi in 1006, but in 1814 this temple was rediscovered by a Dutch engineer named Cornelius. Then in the 60s the government and UNESCO re-renovated Borobudur Temple to become what it is today.

Destinations in Borobudur Temple

Besides offering the beauty of cultural architecture in Borobudur Temple. This historical tourist spot also has several destinations that are no less exciting and interesting. Near Borobudur Temple there are three museums that you can visit. In addition, from Puthuk Setumbu, you can see the amazingly beautiful view of Borobudur Temple from a distance so that you can answer questions about what Borobudur Temple is.


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Near Puthuk Axis itself there is also a building with a quite unique shape like a chicken. This building itself is known as the Chicken Church. besides that, near the Borobudur Temple, there are also several temples that you can visit. Such as Ngawen Temple, Pawon Temple, and Mendut Temple

The best hotel in Malioboro near Borobudur Temple

After you visit Borobudur and enjoy the atmosphere of historical heritage in Borobudur, it's a shame if you don't visit Malioboro which is the center of the famous market in Jogjakarta. The distance between Borobudur Temple is not far, only about 39 km, so don't let you not visit Malioboro.

Apart from being the market center and the best souvenir center in Jogjakarta, there are also many of the best hotels in Malioboro or lodging places that you can make a place to rest for a while in Malioboro such as the Yogyakarta Mariott hotel, Jambuluwuk Malioboro Hotel, Tenteram Hotel, etc.

Well, surely you already have an idea about what Borobudur Temple is. In order to get to know Borobudur Temple better you can visit directly to Borobudur Temple and enjoy the feel of the super majestic temple.