Liverpool fan stoning Real Madrid bus, Klopp: I'm ashamed!

Liverpool - Liverpool's exit from the Champions League was peppered with the action of the supporters' vocalist. The Reds manager Juergen Klopp is embarrassed not to play.

Los Blancos were able to reduce Liverpool with a score of 0-0 in the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinal at Anfield, Thursday (15/4). The Spanish champions have the right to qualify for the semifinals with a 3-1 aggregate advantage.

Well, Liverpool actually wants to win but the absence of fans makes the team play sluggish and lack blood. Even though as before, Liverpool always maximize home matches in Europe with the support of the 12th player, aka Liverpudlian.

However, the support this time seems to be disastrous for Liverpool. Because the club was criticized because several Liverpool supporters attacked the bus carrying the Madrid players and staff!

Apart from cheering and berating the Madrid players, some of them even threw stones at the bus. As a result, the glass on the right side of the bus broke. Luckily the bus's glass has two laps so that no stones can penetrate inside.

The players and staff including coach Zinedine Zidane are reportedly safe, without anyone being injured. Reportedly the broken glass was right beside Zidane's seat.

As a result, Liverpool got criticized here and there because they were considered intimidating to beat Madrid, which ultimately failed to materialize.

Regarding the action of Liverpool supporters, Klopp was very sorry and called this person an 'idiot'.

"I feel embarrassed. I am speechless. Idiots really do it in a situation like this. What the hell is that going to do? It's not funny at all. You get a chance to make something beautiful, but these people just don't understand the same rules. once, "said Klopp as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Prior to this, three years ago, Liverpool fans had also intimidated Manchester City in the Champions League quarter-finals. The mode is the same, the glass of the City bus was stoned until it broke and Klopp had to apologize.