How to Fix Unreadable VRAM and GPU Game PES

GPU integrated users (for example Intel HD) often when playing PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) games experience unreadable GPU and VRAM problems, as a result PES games can only be played on low sets and small VRAM. To overcome this, there are a few tricks to be able to use the high set on the integrated GPU. Are you curious?

the way to fix unreadable GPU and VRAM is actually quite easy with the help of an application called "dxcpl". This application can repair unreadable GPU and VRAM. By default, before using the “dxcpl” PES game application, you can only use the low setting as below. Medium and high settings cannot be selected.

when we check on the specifications it will look like this. GPU unreadable and VRAM readable only 128 MB

Now to be able to use set high and GPU, you can read the steps as follows (For Windows 64 bit systems only)

1. Download "dxcpl" here> dxpcl

2. Then open "dxcpl.exe" then this display will appear and click "edit list"

3. On the tab "edit list" select "..." enter the address of the PES game installation folder, namely "PES2017.exe" (adjust to the existing PES version) and "Settings.exe" like this

After both are selected it looks like this and click "OK"


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4. Then on the main menu dxcpl go to "Device Settings" and change "Feature level Limit to 11_1" and check "Force WARP"

5 Run the PES setting again, then the display options can select medium and high sets: D

And the GPU specs section has been read and VRAM goes up to 1 GB :)