100 Trillion Times Faster, Overtake Chinese American Supremacy to Create the Most Sophisticated Computers on Earth

Source: www.dw.com

Chinese scientists claim to have succeeded in designing a quantum computer that is 100 trillion times faster than the Fugaku, the world's most advanced supercomputer that for six years was made by computer geniuses from Japan.

The prototype machine, which is also claimed to be more sophisticated than Google's Sycamore, is capable of performing calculations that would take billions of years for traditional computers to figure out.

Quoted from DailyMail, Sunday (December 6, 2020) with this breakthrough, it means that China is on the list of quantum supremacist rulers. An important milestone as China and the US compete to be the number one superior in the field of quantum computing.

Earlier last year, technology giant Google claimed they were able to excel over conventional computer machines. Quantum computing is a quantum physics technology for achieving extremely fast information processing.

Normally, 'classic computer' stores data as 'bits' which can be either '0' or '1'. While bits in quantum or qubit can operate with both at once.

This allows qubits in quantum computers to store more data using less energy than classical computers that use the same number of bits.

Such devices could one day revolutionize tasks that take years for ordinary computers, such as finding new drugs and optimizing urban planning and transportation.

While technology giants like Google, Microsoft, IBM and Intel are said to be capable of catching up with quantum computing technology, scientists in China claim that quantum supremacy belongs to them today.

The latest research by experts at China's University of Science and Technology Hefei published in the journal Science shows no computer can perform the task as fast as they are built.

Report from Bloomberg and The Independent, China adopts a different approach to quantum computing from that used by Google.

As a result, their technology is 10 billion times faster than the technology the American technology company announced late last year.

The Chinese find is also said to be 100 trillion times faster than the Fugaku supercomputer. Supercomputers calculating the 1/0 ratio can generate enormous compute cycles per second.


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Quantum computers aim to take advantage of new quantum algorithms to speed up digital computing. Quantum computers also take advantage of new quantum algorithms to speed up digital computing.

In 2019, Google claims to have developed a processor called Sycamore that can run in three minutes and 20 seconds for a task that took 10,000 years for a classic computer.

Meanwhile, in an effort to become a technological superior, China is currently building a $ 10 billion National Laboratory for Quantum Information Science.

And earlier this year President Trump poured out $ 1 billion in artificial intelligence and quantum information research.

Daughter and adviser to the president, Ivanka, in a Twitter post in October 2019, called Google's supremacy possible thanks to her father's support.

"Legitimate! The US has achieved quantum supremacy! In a collaboration between the Trump Admin, Google and UC Santa Barbara, the Sycamore quantum computer has completed calculations in 3 minutes and 20 seconds for a task that took about 10,000 years for the classical computer. "